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The environmental crisis that we are facing today does not just consist of the scientific reality (global warming, climate change, deforestation), it is more a reflection of our own inner reality.  The inner and outer realities have very strong causal relationships, it is human desire and greed that has led to over-consumption and exploitation of our environment.  Given this, there is a strong need to look deeper into the inner, ethical, religious and spiritual responses to the environmental crisis. Hence, there is a requirement to bridge and connect pioneers of both worlds; the religious/spiritual seers and the environmental/social scientists.


The grand objective of the ICE Network is to bring together faith leaders, environmental and climate scientists, conservationists and social activists across the world (at the local, national and international level) to collaboratively explore the scientific foundations of climate change and biodiversity loss, its social, political and economic drivers, the impacts of climate change on human societies and the environment, and importantly, the underlying human behaviors which contribute to climate change.  This participatory and collaborative approach allows for the emergence of an understanding of global environmental issues through multiple lenses.


To achieve this objective, the ICE Network has carried out a series of conferences and workshops for faith leaders and environmentalists concerned about the causes, impacts and threats of climate change on our world. The workshop includes a Climate Reality presentation on the causes and impacts of climate change, a review of the United Nations efforts to create a binding treaty to save the planet, and the various scriptural and advocacy responses to the climate crisis. The workshop is interactive and examines what options we have to protect vulnerable communities and the environment in the face of global warming and climate impacts. 

ICE conference II
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