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Climate Adaptation Support Fund for People of Takuu Island

The ICE Network sent USD 38,000 to the Te'Akauroa (Long Reef) Association of Bougainville Atolls (TABA) on December 30, 2021 to support the settlement of the Polynesian community of Takuu, who migrated to Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea, due to the rising sea level.


ICE Network began planning to support the residents of Takuu island in May 2019 after screening a documentary titled There Once Was an Island, as part of the monthly movie series on the theme of climate change. 


Takuu island is a homeland to around 600 native people, who have maintained their unique tradition and cultural practices over a thousand years. But as the sea level rose, their houses got flooded, and cultivation of tarot, the staple food for the Takuu community, became challenging. This has forced most of the residents to leave the island and move to a nearby Bougainville Island. 


In an effort to raise the fund, ICE Network engaged in a dialogue with the New Zealand film production team that produced the documentary. Over the course of 3 years, we discussed together the best way to support the migrants from the Takuu island. Our actual communication with the Takuu community, however, got delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. It was only in 2021 that we began speaking with the Taku Residents Council that settled in Buka, the capital of Bougainville Island: We signed a partnership agreement in October, 2021. 


Beginning in January, 2022, the fund will support the community to build a cultural center to serve as a place of gathering and promoting the traditional culture and language of Takuu natives. They will also be used to promote agricultural and fishery projects to support the community’s livelihood. This project will run for a year as a joint project in cooperation with JPIC and Green Asia, organizational members of ICE Network. 

We extend our gratitude to OFM JPIC, who led the fundraising process, as well as others who made valuable contributions including the nun sisters from the Little Servants of the Holy Family, students from the Incheon Catholic middle school and the participants in the Climate Action School of Green Korea.


The eco-temple project has been implemented in a few countries,

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