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Eco-temple Korea

In Korea, our partner organization Wonbulgyo Eco-Network is leading eco-temple project. With the name of ‘Sunshine temple’, it planned to install solar panels in its affiliated 100 facilities including temples, schools, hospitals, etc. Each solar panel generates electricity of 20 KW per day most of which is used in its facility. Surplus electricity is being supplied to neighboring residents, or sold to KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation) in order to secure fund for its social contribution.

The network raises funds for installation of solar panels by means of co-op which is consistent with management concept of the Saving Cooperative established by the founder of Wonbulgyo, the master Sotae San Park Joongbin. The founder emphasized economic self-reliance and mutual help. He made a great contribution to solve the famine in local area by working together with the members of the cooperative and expanding farm lands.Any individuals or groups, who invest more than around USD 40, can be a member of Round Sunshine Co-op. The cooperative regulations provide that its member can’t invest more than USD 1,000.

The Sunshine temple project was initiated since 2013. As of May 2016, around solar panels were installed in the compounds of 80 institutions run by Wonbulgyo.

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