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Are you an individual or organization with a religious/spiritual/faith-based, or environmental background? If yes, the ICE Network warmly invites you to join our network of highly dedicated individuals and organizations! The ICE Network is strongly committed to a noble cause, to address the root causes of climate change and respond to the emerging effects of climate change in a peaceful, equitable, and sustainable way. We seek to achieve this by engaging religious leaders and institutions throughout Asia in climate education, collective action, and policy change.


By joining us, you will become part of a powerful Network, a group of motivated and inspired individuals and organizations, who have been holding hands together to advocate and take action for a world free of climate change and global warming.


Currently, the ICE Network houses member organizations from 20 countries. Some of our members are –


  1. Austria – Strategic Leadership towards Sustainable Development

  2. Bangladesh – Bangladesh Association for Sustainable Development (BASD)

  3. Cambodia – Buddhist Association for Environmental Development

  4. China – China University of Political Science and Law

  5. India – Youth Buddhist Society of India

  6. India – Deer Park Institute

  7. Indonesia – Community Empowerment Council of Central Board of Muhammadiyah

  8. Japan – Global Eco-Village Network in Oceania and Asia (GENOA)

  9. Kenya – Kenya Youth Climate Network

  10. Myanmar – Gaia Sustainable Management Institute

  11. Nepal – World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Nepal

  12. South Africa – Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute (SAFCEI)

  13. South Korea – Buddhist Coalition for Economic Justice


And many many more! For the complete list of our members, please see the ‘Partner’s page.


Member Benefits & Privileges

There are various benefits and privileges that we offer to our members –


  • Right to vote for the election of ICE Network Committees (The Climate Education Fund Committee, and Climate Action Fund Committee, and other initiative Committees).

  • Subsidized offers for ICE seminars and workshops.

  • Free access to ICE Network publications.

  • Member organizations gain eligibility to apply for ICE Network grants, access to funding to run their proposed projects.

  • Invitation to join pilgrimage eco-yathra’s at discounted packages.

  • Discounted prices for participation in the ICE Conference.

  • Members are entitled to represent the ICE Network at International Forums (UNFCCC, COP, WCC).


Member Eligibility Criteria

The following individuals and organizations are eligible to become members of the ICE Network –



  • Civil Society Organizations – The organization can be working for any social cause, and can join our Network if they have an interest in religious/spiritual/faith and environmental issues.

  • Environmental Science/Technology/Engineering based organizations/institutions/asso-  ciations.

  • Faith-based, religious, spiritual organizations/institutions/associations.

  • Private sector entities that have business or consulting operations in the field of environmental sustainability, renewable energy, waste management, climate change etc.

  • Research and academic institutes that are specializing in the subjects related to environmental issues and religious/faith-based/spiritual issues.



  • Faith-based/religious/spiritual activists, or individuals associated or working with faith-based/religious/spiritual organizations.

  • Environmental activists, or individuals associated or working with environmental organi-zations.

  • Retired professionals with careers in the disciplines of religious/spiritual studies and/or environmental science/technology/engineering.


Are you interested to know more about the current cross-cutting issues relating to the involvement of religious/faith-based organizations in today’s global environmental issues? Are you willing to join a Network of individuals and organizations that are dedicated to a global cause of eradicating climate change in a peaceful, sustainable and equitable way?


If yes, then please join the ICE Network! And help us in making a positive change.

Interested individuals and organizations, please contact us at

>>> Click here to download "Applicant Form"

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